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Bulk Non-Perishable Food, Food Ingredients and supplements

Many food and supplement items are also available to purchase in bulk by the case. Buy in bulk and save money on the items that your family uses most!

Neal Brothers Distribution

Your favorite organic, natural and/or gluten free brands are available for purchase by the case allowing you to save money.

Ecoideas Distribution

Your favorite organic, natural and/or gluten free brands are available for purchase. Buy through Inspired Holistic Health to save money on these high quality products.

Contact Inspired Holistic Health for a full list of bulk, Neal Brothers and Ecoideas products available.

Free delivery may be available to Georgetown, Acton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington and Kitchener, depending on order size . For those in Halton, order today and pick up your items at Inspired Holistic Health in Georgetown. To place your order for supplements and healthy groceries, please contact inspired holistic health.


Dolphin Neurostim Single or Double Kits

The Dolphin Neurostim is a natural and drug-free pain management device that gently relaxes muscles, calms the nervous system and releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers by producing minute microcurrent impulses. The Dolphin Neurostim works fast and effectively on chronic pain with it’s multi-pronged effect on the body’s nervous, muscle and endocrine systems.

Purchase of a Dolphin Neurostim Kit comes with an instruction manual making it easy to use in any clinical or home setting.  Included in the cost is a one hour training session with our Registered Massage Therapist. The Dolphin is safe, portable, and easy-to-use, even for patients! The perfect device for anyone seeking fast, long lasting, natural pain relief, without any side effects.

Purchase of a Dolphin Neurostim Kit is covered by many private health insurance providers. Contact Inspired Holistic Health for more information.

For more information on use of your Dolphin Neurostim at home, please watch the below video.