Ionic Copper Bowl Detox Foot Bath

We are exposed a variety of toxins as we go about our daily lives – environmental pollution, processed foods, air, and drinking water – leading to toxicity of the body. Every cell and system of our body is affected by internal & external poisoning. Weakness, headache, bloating, fatigue, depression, allergies and a myriad of chronic health problems can occur from toxic burden. Detoxify with the use of our Copper Bowl Detox Foot Bath to experience vibrant energy. This protocol can lead to rejuvenation and has a beneficial cleansing effect. A potent blend of four key, premium sources of sea salt from the Mediterranean see, the Dead Sea of Israel, Hawaii and ancient Inland Seas, coupled with ocean rich sea vegetation. Single sessions, 5 session or 10 session packages are available.

  • Made with four key sources of unheated sea minerals
  • Contains unheated, premier-quality sea vegetation
  • Cleanses waste particles and promotes quantum-state resonance
  • Tests on to all 4 biofield polarities